It is vital for organisations to have strategic plans as a basis to inform board or business owner decisions, and management actions for future success.

Our strategic planning services focus on teaming with our clients to assess the potential strategic options available and to assist the implementation of the agreed strategic direction while understanding and managing the risks. We will assist you to undertake and implement the strategic planning process to support increasing shareholder value potential.

We take great care and bring a strong focus on the values and culture of our clients’ enterprise, and can assist with:

Organisational Improvement & Growth

Many companies irrespective of size, face the on-going challenge of maintaining a dynamic and flexible environment supportive of profitable growth including improving systems and developing their resource base. With the ever-changing market landscapes and challenges within which they operate increasing in today’s world, more companies are recognising the value of investing in improving their organisational capital.

The path to improvement and growth always involves change, this is often where many projects/programs fail to deliver. We are experienced in successful implementation of change and growth in organisations. Experience clearly indicates that, unless executed properly, management intervention can often be counter-productive.

We can support organisations in the following areas:

Programme Management & Project Delivery

Delivering projects and programs is critical to any organisation’s success. Managing and delivering those projects in the right way can reduce both risks and costs. Every project and every organization is different. Matching the right delivery method with your organisations risk and financial needs – and delivering projects on plan – is smart business.

When delivering capital projects or programs, organizations need to consider all of their options including the delivery method, financing method and what will be outsourced.

The items to consider include:

We assist organisations, owners and financing institutions with your project and program delivery needs. We provide unbiased advice and planning or can assist you with your staffing or delivery needs. From conception through delivery, we can support you with all methods of delivery, including: